To start the new year with a fresh look, GCCA+ is officially launching its new logo and visual identity. You might have seen this already on some of our latest communication materials. The new visual identity of the Global Climate Change Alliance speaks the language of nature, using colours ranging from the turquoise of the Caribbean to the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean to the yellow of African land and the green of Asian wetlands. The graphical elements replicate waves, drops of water, pebbles and rocks in a series of patterns inspired by water or the earth.

As from now, GCCA+ projects are invited to use the new logo, which already incorporates the EU flag and the reference to EU funding, along with the templates designed for posters, banners, social media posts, etc.

The GCCA+ Communication and Knowledge Management Guidelines are currently under preparation, meanwhile you can find attached a brand book with the main elements of this new visual identity - Brandbook

The GCCA+ support facility team remain available to answer any questions.