Designing and delivering effective technical support is central to the GCCA+ initiative. It is committed to bolstering the capacity of vulnerable countries to respond to the challenge of climate change and providing support for climate-smart development. Capacity means much more than skills development: it also encompasses functioning and enduring institutions, supportive strategies and policies, and stronger climate-sensitive laws that are fairly applied.

GCCA+ climate actions

The GCCA+ also supports actions on climate change mainstreaming and climate resilience, for example, through disaster risk reduction, Ecosystems based approaches and climate-smart agriculture actions. It also supports actions with mitigation co-benefits, such as Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD). This demonstrates that well-chosen strategies and actions can contribute to both adaptation and mitigation objectives.

Training and capacity building

This service is delivered by the GCCA+ support facility on request. Trainings and capacity-building services are context-specific or tailored to respond to specific requests in GCCA+ areas of support (e.g., Understanding climate change science; Understanding climate change-development linkages; Mainstreaming climate change and strengthening institutions and capacities; Mainstreaming climate change in national, sector and subnational policies, strategies and programmes; Costing, assessing and selecting adaptation and mitigation options and measures; Mainstreaming climate change in the budgetary process; Mainstreaming climate change in monitoring systems).

Technical assistance from the GCCA+ support facility (SF) related to this service can be shaped in different ways depending on the situation/request:

  • The SF can deliver tailored training sessions to EU delegations or project staff on the basis of existing training modules developed by DEVCO that are regularly updated;
  • The SF also provides technical support to ongoing projects in developing a capacity-building programme as part of their implementation plan;
  • The SF supports the organisation of exchange visits and study tours among GCCA+ partners or between GCCA+ partners and EU Member States. Where relevant, the Facility would ensure effective and appropriate logistics support, communication and visibility of the event, as well as technical support for background papers, facilitation of the events and preparation of reports when needed.